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Well, if that's all there is, then let's go dancing

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Managing music

I like too much music, and iTunes has a hard time keeping up, as does the phone, old phone, usb sticks, work laptop, ... I download just over 2 albums a week, and rate new songs before transfer to listeners (phone, ...)

Backups to net disk at home, and replace the HD in jab.ook every couple of years. Considering cloud, and dev server. (Pro tip: always buy a second copy of a HD: "Well we could've restored it if we had parts") Home network is shite, but I'm promised 4G in a couple of years. Distribution from jab.ook is via USB.


  1. left/right -> colour changes RGB, up/down -> BW
  2. choose - start a song of that colour
  3. count number of times that song is not put away
  4. next song: prefer close album, close colour, not played recently, not heard in ages, rating, ...
  5. this song: change rating and colour
  6. Show album cover, Artist above, other local tracks. Next album should peek out on the right (viz Xperia Walkman).
  7. Pulling the next album to the left plays it now.
  8. Pulling the current album to the right restarts this song.

Current players

  1. N900 - N900 Media Player
  2. jab.ook - iTunes
  3. phone - ? (Fusion/Walkman. As apps they are "close, but no cigar")
  4. Nexus - Fusion (which loses my album covers, GRrrr)

I listen to music tracks randomly from the phone

Losing weight

In the 11 months leading down from January 2012 I lost over 36 kg to arrive at my goal weight yesterday: 77.7kg. I did this by weighing myself daily, and using to record pretty much every calorie that I ate. I did not really "follow a diet", just educated myself about the calorie content of what I typically ate, and preferred those with lower calories. It was also important to become aware of how I was eating, especially to notice that I did not eat because I was hungry. Now the second half: maintain 77.7 for the next year.

New blog

The old blog was hosted by Google, but I got annoyed by their habit of following me around the net, so I joined up with over to Alan Brogan's pages instead.

Well, if that's all there is, then let's go dancing