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Well, if that's all there is, then let's go dancing

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Losing weight

In the 11 months leading down from January 2012 I lost over 36 kg to arrive at my goal weight yesterday: 77.7kg. I did this by weighing myself daily, and using to record pretty much every calorie that I ate. I did not really "follow a diet", just educated myself about the calorie content of what I typically ate, and preferred those with lower calories. It was also important to become aware of how I was eating, especially to notice that I did not eat because I was hungry. Now the second half: maintain 77.7 for the next year.

Managing music

I like too much music, and iTunes has a hard time keeping up, as does the hard disk. I download less than 10 albums a week, and rate new songs before transfer to my phone. The phone's memory is running out too, so only "great" or "greatest" tracks make it over.

I listen to music tracks randomly from the phone

New blog

The old blog was hosted by Google, but I got annoyed by their habit of following me around the net, so I joined up with over to Alan Brogan's pages instead.

Well, if that's all there is, then let's go dancing